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Type of Program: E-mail client/send only
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company/Authors Name: G-Lock Software/Maris Purinsh
Version: 1.0
Price: $12.50
Installed Size: 655Kb


Every program author claims "You really need this program, it will save you time" etc. etc. That usually means "Look I've had an idea, spent months writing this, it works and I want you to buy it whether it's useful or not". G-Lock EasyMail is useful and will save you time. 

Easy to install and easy to set up EasyMail is a send only e-mail client which has it's own SMTP relay which means you can send e-mail directly to the recipients e-mail server without going near your ISP's server. The result is instant delivery as you are avoiding any potential queues or failures at your ISP's SMTP server (such as I get on a regular basis). Add to that the option to check if the e-mail address you are mailing to is valid or not before sending and you save having to bother reading all those "Mail undeliverable" messages as well.

Other features are equally useful. The choice to save which e-mails you've sent instead of the usual auto-save you get in other clients which seem to fill up so rapidly with stuff you never need to see again. The 'Set Signature' feature where you can type in your own standard sign off lines which can be inserted with a simple click on the Signature button. The 'Priority' button to set the priority, again with a simple click. The facility to enter any e-mail address to which you want to receive a confirmation that your message had been read by recipient. All this and the ability to have multiple attachments too. The program also includes an easy to follow help file if you are not sure about what these functions do.

The program also supports Socks4, Socks4A and Socks5 proxy protocols, so you can use it within your Local Area Network (LAN), too. EasyMail ensures faster, safer, and more easy-to-control mail sending, and thus it helps to save your time and money if you are paying for your line time.

A really useful program that confirms every e-mail you send has been delivered instantly. It's a "must have" at a very reasonable price.

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Support: Unable to test due to holiday period
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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