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Eye Candy

Type of Program: Plug in filters for Graphics Editors
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: Alien Skin Software
Version: 3.0
Price: $199 U.S. (Eye Candy 3.1 is now on sale for $129.00!)
Installed Size: 1 MB


Eye Candy is a set of 21 plug-in special effects filters, compatible with a number of graphics editors, including (among others) Adobe Photoshop 3.04 or later, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 4.12 or later, Corel Photo-Paint 7 or later, Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000, Deneba Canvas 6.0, Adobe Image Ready 1.0 or later, DiEBV PhotoLine 32 (version 4.52 or later), SPG ColorWorks:WEB 3 (version 3.004 or later), MicroFrontier Digital Darkroom 1.2, Micrografx Picture Publisher 7a or later, and Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 or later. (If you have any doubt about Eye Candy's compatibility with your graphics editor, see Alien Skin's website for a complete list). The filters include:

1. Antimatter (which inverts a selection's brightness without affecting its hue or saturation values),
2. Carve (which makes a selection appear carved or chiseled into an image),
3. Chrome (which produces a metallic effect),
4. Cutout (which makes a selection appear as a hole in an image),
5. Drop shadow (which makes a selection appear to float),
6. Fire (which produces a flame effect rising from a selection),
7. Fur (which smears an image with randomly placed clumps of fur),
8. Glass (which puts a sheet of colored glass on top of a selection),
9. Glow (which draws a semi-transparent glow around the outside edge of a selection),
10. HSB Noise (which allows you to add noise by varying hues, saturation, brightness and transparency),
11. Inner bevel (which will give a selection an embossed look or the appearance of being raised up from the rest of an image),
12. Jiggle (which produces distortion based on randomly placed bubbling),
13. Motion trail (which smears a selection outward in one direction, producing the illusion of motion),
14. Outer bevel (which makes a selection appear embossed or raised from the rest of an image),
15. Perspective shadow (which creates a shadow behind a selection to make a selection appear to be standing),
16. Smoke (which produces smoky effects rising for a selection),
17. Squint (which unfocuses a selection by spreading each pixel around the edge of a circle),
18. Star (which creates stars and other polygonal shapes),
19. Swirl (which smears an image using randomly placed whirlpools),
20. Water drops (places water drops on a selection), and
21. Weave (which gives a selection the appearance of being woven).

Eye Candy has a preview screen which makes it easy to experiment with the sliders to make small changes to the effects. Each filter comes with at least 10 presets, making getting started very simple.

If you enjoy making graphics, Eye Candy is a "must have". Download the demo version today!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Angelene

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