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CSE HTML Validator Professional

Type of Program: HTML code validator
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000/NT
Company Name: Al Internet Solutions
Version: 4.04
Price: $89.95
Installed Size:


I'm not going to pretend, I am a relative novice when it comes to HTML despite the fact that I have half a dozen sites published. I thought my coding which is a mixture of part my code and part "Wizard" code was fairly robust. After all the sites work, all the links work so what's the problem? The problem is I am not as good as I thought I was. I ran one of my sites coding in CSE HTML Validator Professional and had the wind taken right out of my sails !! Up came a list of errors, warnings and messages showing me just how bad my coding is. The nice thing about it is that each error or warning is explained, colour coded and includes correction suggestions. Click on an error or warning and it automatically takes you to the offending line number and in a separate window is a full account of what you did wrong and how you can correct, it even puts the cursor at the right place.

Full editing facilities are included, as is a viewer for you to see the results of your changes. The messages I mentioned are really programming hints suggesting an alternative style of coding even though your code is generically correct you might be better off using another style or newer version. There are tabbed windows to see the structure of your code one with a list of tag statistics showing how many of each you have opened and whether you have closed them. Another shows a hierarchical list of all the tags without the code where you can see at a glance if you have tags opened and not closed or vice versa. I did like the link checker which will test if your links are valid or not. There are also two "scratch pads" for you to make notes as you go along. This program is feature rich with one click buttons for functions such as inserting tags, find and replace which is very useful for long code. You can simply tell it to find all instances of an error and replace it with the correct one. Batch validating is there as well either set manually or use the Wizard, though I suspect if I had batch checked mine it might have exploded J . CSE HTML also features a quick lowercase tool - Processing a file with this tool will change all alphabetic characters between the characters < and > to lowercase. Exceptions are characters in tags that are enclosed in double or single quotation marks, characters between <! and >, and characters between <!-- and --> (comments). Equally there is a quick uppercase tool which does the same. Add Quick strip HTML tags tool, convert text file format tool, template tool etc. etc. The list goes on. There is a very comprehensive help file plus online help

To sum up this program I will admit that there are some features which at present are above my head and some I may have missed out (I apologize to the producers) but already I have made my existing coding more efficient and robust and I have learnt better coding through the mistakes which CSE HTML Validator Professional has picked out. The suggestions have got me looking at things I hadn't got round to and most important my pages now load faster on the web and I am sure as I learn more that this program will help me. This is not for the absolute novice but for those of you on a learning curve like me and for the real professionals it's an absolute peach of a program.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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