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The Jongg CD

Type of Program: Games
Supported Platforms: Win95/98
Company Name: Moraff
Version: (various depending on game)
Price: $39.00
Installed Size: ??


Morraff's SpereJongg is a game I have been playing for the past couple of years, (bought the CD some time ago) and just recently came across the newer version, so of course had to look at it. There has been little change in the game in that time, with the exception of the addition of some new music, but then the game itself is not that complex, matching up coloured balls until you clear the screen, simple enough, until you try it. It is based on the concept of Mahjong, the Chinese tile game.

I find the game simple and mindless but very relaxing and the few sound effects added seem to add to its appeal. I just called the game, simple and mindless, and I like it, that says a lot about me!!!

The real appeal is the fact that the CD is $39.00 for on-line ordering.You not only get SpereJongg but all these as well : CyberTris, Phrase Detective, CyberMemory, Radiation, SphereJongg, Jiggler 3D, Memory Jiggler, UltraBlast, 3D-Jongg, CyberDice, Fancy Jigsaw, YourJongg, CyberMind, RingJongg, CyberCheckers, Escapade, and Moraff's Mahjongg along with 75 extra layouts, 200 tilesets and hours and hours of music and tons of photo images to import! Over 16 games, all very high quality, something for everyone. Some of the games listed are not on the CD I bought at least three years ago, but from the description of them on their web site sound great, and if they are done with the same quality as the rest, shouldn't be a disappointment.

A few of these games are on the CD I have (I wish I could justify getting this new one) and any I have played are pretty good, but Sperejongg for some reason is my favorite. Check out their web site, all these games can be sampled, other then a nag screen they are fully functional and no time limited.

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Reviewed by Elizabethb Taylor

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