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Multimedia Builder

Type of Program: CD Authoring
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Version: 4.5
Company Name: MediaChance
Price: $45.00
Installed Size: 10m


WOW! I'm excited and you too can be with this program! Right from the start you feel energized and ready to let your creative juices flow with this easy-to-use multimedia application that makes creating apps not only fun, but is relatively easy to learn so you can concentrate more on the creative ideas and less on making it all work.

With Multimedia Builder you can create not only great looking and easy to use CD autorun programs but also small interactive game applications, kiosks, cue cards, tutorials, media players and more. With this program you are not stuck with plain looking applications any longer. You can make your app any size and shape you like! Need a round media player or an app with a special shape? No problem. Each app you make you can program in your own scripts (which is easy to learn), or use the built-in scripts such as moving to any page within your app, play a sound or stop a sound, open and play a CD track and so much more! Once your app is finished Multimedia Builder will check the project and create your needed files to place on the CD so you can burn the CD, insert the freshly made CD into the drive and off it goes.

Multimedia Builder is THE ONE and ONLY program you may possibly need for building your next CD autorun. It's fun, easy, fast, and each time you design a new program you may just find yourself discovering new tweaks here and there to add that extra feature to your app.

With so many users finding this program available now, the author's Homepage has added a message board where you can post questions as well as find some useful tips and tricks on using Multimedia Builder. This is one powerful and easy to use program where only your imagination is your limit! The biggest drawback I have seen is that email support has gone unanswered.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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