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Type of program: E-mail client
Supported platforms Win 95/98
Company name: Slaven Radic
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 1.1
Cost: $25
Installed size: 1.7 MB


The author says Poco has no organizer features and won’t allow you to browse the web, it is just allows you to take full potential of e-mail. Let’s see what this means, shall we?

Poco can connect to your POP server and fetch all mail for configured accounts, or it can automatically check every specified minutes with each account, and fetches your mail, or you can browse your mail while online, marking it for disposition, i.e. “g” for get, “d” for delete and “l.o.s.” for leave on server. When it fetches mail, it places it in your mailbox. In the case of browsing mail online, clicking on finish does to the mail what you have requested. 

You can filter your mail, and Pogo says since everyone can’t write a script, [what’s a script? Ain’t it great to find a company that doesn’t expect you to be a scholar?!?}there is something called PocoScript which writes scripts automatically. Yeaaaa!

When reading e-mail, they have a zoom feature for people who are blind like me so you can read that tiny HTML script. [you can also shrink text that is too big, too]

There are more features, and configurable stuff here than I can tell you about, else I would be ghost-writing poco’s very good help file. [and I think they do a better job than my paraphrasing. You have templates, for multiple e-mails, Poco will launch a virus scanner to check any and all attachments, signature capability, the script writer, [which I was very impressed with] and much, much more.

This program is for evaluation only for 30 days. Registering the product allows free e-mail support, direct contact with the author, and the ability to suggest features for the next revision. There is also a registered user website, with additional scripts to download. Check it out.

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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