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Type of Program: Desktop theme
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000
Company/Authors Name: videorama/Gail Posluszny
Cost: $9.99
Installed Size: 1.38 MB


This is a REALLY cool theme to haunt your desktop for Halloween 2k. I have enjoyed it, as well as all of it's sounds. It has taken to my kids too...they watch it, and love to listen to it. 

My husband on the other hand, is not to he tells me to turn down the volume! 

Any way, if you are into Halloween, and have not decided how to dress up your computer, well, this works really well. 

The colors of the windows are great, and the mouse pointers are cool. 

User Friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed by Donna Anderson

I received this letter in reference to Halloween 2000 desktop theme. I truly apologize if I have mislead any one, I should check my sources more thoroughly. The owner of Halloween 2000 was kind enough to write me and tell me there was in fact a "full Version" to this wonderful desktop theme. This is the letter that she sent me, and I would LOVE to share it with all of my sharewarejunkies friends. Please read on:

Thank you for your interest in my Halloween 2000 theme. I had allot of fun creating it! Have you seen the full version Halloween 2000 shareware screen saver? It is available at under desktop enhancements/screensavers. It is in the New Releases and on the main page on the right side of the page under Most Popular.

I did this screen saver as sort of a "slo-mo" transformation thing, I just wanted it to slowly change and run for a while before starting over. It runs for over 4 minutes BUT I did use allot of 3D graphics so the download is 4.9MB. 

CNet has it listed as 4.9k. I have notified them of the error but they still have not corrected it. In spite of that I have over 5700 downloads and 81% say thumbs up SO.... I guess it hasn't had a major impact. This screensaver has a $9.99 registration fee. 

All registered users get a free copy of my Turkey Day screensaver which is ALMOST complete. I also am doing a Turkey Day Theme. These both are going to be light and amusing as
I really couldn't do much with haystacks and thanksgiving feasts that I thought would hold peoples attention. 

We'll see. It is still a work in progress! Watch for it on Theme World.

Thanks for the review.

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