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Type of Program: Graphics/Multimedia
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: MediaChance
Version: 1.0
Price: $38.00
Installed Size: 6m


If you really want a good graphics package and desire to be able to do many of the fancier things that only high-end products have to offer, look no more. PhotoBrush is a brand new graphics program made by MediaChance that is sure to be another top ranking "hit" for this company. This newest program is a photo editor, a picture enhancer and a painting program for Windows all rolled into one! In it you will find some rich tools and effects for your photo adjusting and photo retouching that until now have only been found in more expensive applications. And of course there are some effects and tools in PhotoBrush that you may not find anywhere else.

Besides the standard paint brushes you will also find a strong set of tools, such as being able to remove or add part of your images with the rubber stamp. You can use brushes to paint various effects on images like contrast, sharpen, and boost plus much more. Use it to remove red-eye or scratches from photographs. You also get a set of brushes for special effects that you can use to "brush" on effects such as emboss effect, age the photo, shift the color or paint a glass effects, add sparkles, a lens flare or try the warp tool to make warp your favorite image.

For the Webmaster there's a host of complimentary tools as well. With the Texture Pick tool you can pick-up a part of the image and use it for texture painting or save it as a seamless background texture for web page. Speaking of which, you can add your own special brushes to your own library so running out of creative ideas should never be a problem.

PhotoBrush is a great painting program that competes with many professional tools. With over 100 brushes ranging from the standard pens to artistic brushes, ropes, and more, you can paint not only with color, but also with texture or clone existing image by using artistic brush. PhotoBrush supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets so you can control the intensity of the brush, which is great for artistic brushes.

Competing with other programs PhotoBrush is one to watch. The support staff is great; the program is great and the price? What can we say but GREAT!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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