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WebPosition Gold

Type of Program: Internet Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: FirstPlace Software
Version: Gold
Price: Standard $149.00 Supports up to 5 sites | Pro $349.00 Supports unlimited sites
Installed Size: 3m


Here's yet another program that gives hype about positioning your Web site at, or near the top of Search Engines. Does it really work? You be the judge. In the Shareware Version the program only submits to five (5) of the engines according to the "About" box (or just 3 according to the Help file) so gauging just how well it is suppose to do is hard to tell.

WebPosition Gold's job is to take a lot of the work "out" of submitting your site to search engines. It will submit your Web site to various search engines so that ultimately your site hopefully reaches anywhere in the Top 30 positions of some of the engines. All said and done, much of the information and work that WebPosition Gold offers, you can get off the Internet for free, or for a nominal fee.

Bottom line: there are some Internet submission sites that will submit your site for "free," and of course there are a few other programs (some for free), that will submit your site to the engines for at least half the price (the $149.00 flavor) of this program. True, some only submit to a handful of engines, but then again, why submit to the other thousand engines if you only want to rank on the Top 10? Cracking the Search Engines is still not an accomplished science so all these programs (even the free ones) can not guarantee your position.

Performance ranked below is based on the "no one can guarantee success factor" and the price versus the free ones and because ranking on an engine can sometimes take months, if you get ranked at all. Best bet: promoting your site will take time, plans, and effort (with or without WebPosition Gold), so work, work, work and then join some free banner programs and advertise, advertise, advertise, then study and submit personally on your own or hire someone (from $99 and up), that knows the secrets of getting ranked.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site or through the order forms via the Help files.

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