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iPer Easy Web Editor STD

Type of Program: WYSYWIG Editor
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/NT
Company Name: Visual Vision
Version: 3.2
Price: $79 after November 30
Installed Size:


The producers of this software claim it is for beginners and experienced users alike. Let me tell you it is definitely not for beginners in its present form. 

I design web sites for a living and it had me baffled for 24 hours. The help file is difficult to fathom and a general lack of information all round spoils what is otherwise a piece of software full of potential. Simple little things like changing the font size are arduous. There is no drop down list of sizes and you either have to enter the size manually or click on the spinner to increment the size one by one. 

There is no information on how to change measurements for example in tables. Where do you set it to pixels, inches, centimetres etc instead of the default percentage?

The idea of the program is good. Design your web site in WYSYWIG format all in a single hypertext file in which you can act on a whole document even for searches and revisions and when you publish it automatically puts all the information to individual HTML or HTM files and has it's own FTP. 

Getting there is a different matter. It has all the bells and whistles but finding out how to use them is fiendishly difficult. It supports styles, frames, links, tables, headers, footers, maps, forms, slides, mouse-over, window pop ups etc.

Easy Web Editor STD is produced by an Italian software company but unfortunately it loses something in the translation which again is reflected in the help file and the Demo movie included.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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