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Background Magic

Type of Program: Graphics 
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME 
Company/Authors Name: EasyCool Software (Dennis Gaskill & Mark 
Version: 1.1.15 
Price: $24.95 
File Name: 
Installed Size: 1.77 MB 


Have you ever been searching for backgrounds for your website and found all those fantastically done Border and Tiled Backgrounds with matching buttons no less? Doesn't it amaze you how talented some people are who also obviously know tons about computer graphic design???? 

Well, rethink that. I have found a great and inexpensive little program that allows you, yes YOU, to design the same type of backgrounds and throw in a few matching buttons and banners as well. 

Background Magic allows you to take two images and create your own custom border and tiled backgrounds. The "free" version limits you to the use of a few images but once purchased, the programs allows you to import many images, including photo's and other graphic images...the possibilities are endless. 

I took a headshot photo of my Chihuahua puppy and combined it with a textured background design and made the left side panel of my border background. Another click and the background was tiled. You can also chose a color from the border image for the right hand side of your border background and....instant solid matching background for the right side. 

The image can be saved as a seamless 128x128 JPEG image or you can save it as an HTML document, enabling you to use the image not only as a web page background but also to use as email stationary!! Create a button or a banner, use the image as desktop wallpaper or a skin...just sit back and have a ball! 

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Louise Wilson 

Program may be purchase via online credit card, Visa or MC. 

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