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TopStyle Pro

Type of Program: HTML Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: BradSoft
Version: 2
Price: $49.95
Installed Size: 5 Mb


Before anyone says; "Style Sheets are no good, they don't work in all browsers, are time consuming to create, yadda, yadda, yadda" Please take a moment here to read through this article.

Yes, it's true that style sheets do have a downside, I agree. But realistically the biggest problem is the imperfect CSS implementations that many of today's browsers offer. This makes it hard to create style sheets that will work across all browsers. What may look good in one browser looks terrible in another. Enter TopStyle.

TopStyle was created to help you create style sheets that will, and do work across browsers boundaries by alerting you of problems as you work. Using the full version of TopStyle (and not TopStyle Lite), its style checker will verify your code, signal you of errors in your style sheet, as well as bugs in popular browsers that may affect its rendering when viewed in that particular browser and give you tips on what to do about it. As another plus, it shows you as you work what browser is compatible, not supported, partially supported with any of the current style sheets you may be working on.

Those of you that are familiar with creating style sheets will have no problem jumping into TopStyle. Use it once and you may end up giving up other titles of like nature, will definitely give up coding by hand, and will find that you will like its many features. Some of which are:

Opening a style sheet from the Web
The Style Checker
The Style Validator
Site Management
The Site Summary View
Ability to Rebuild a Site
Link Wizard
Orphan Style Finder
The Mapping Ability
Works with Allaire, FrontPage, and Dreamweaver and growing with other 3rd
party software Much, much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at TopStyle and begin creating your own "top style" style sheets. Let me speak personally, I used style sheets in the past and even used programs to guide me through the process of it. It wasn't long before I quit using style sheets altogether. Why? Because of the browser wars, incompatibility issues and the overall effects were just not worth it. With TopStyle I feel like I've been given new life! Try it yourself (even if you've given up on them), and soon you too can be breathing new life into your creations. If you're new to style sheets you will really like the in-depth tutorials and ease of use. TopStyle gives you style with an attitude.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site or through the order forms via the Help files.

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