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Visual Day Planner

Type of Program: Day Planner
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98 or NT
Company Name: inKline Global, Inc.
Version: 7.0
Price: $29.95 U.S.
Installed Size: 2.5 MB


What do you want to do today, next week . . . next month? Visual Day Planner is a computer-based day planner. You can set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and you can drag and drop pictures into the planner to highlight them. Your calendar can be printed in daily, weekly or monthly formats, and you can set your calendar as your desktop wallpaper for easy access. For a network, Visual Day Planner allows sharing of data among a workgroup, and allows "read-only" access to the group, if desired, with administrative access for "the boss!".

Visual Day Planner is very user friendly; you can learn everything you need to know right inside the planner. Inkline Global seems like a very customer oriented company with good customer service.

I like Visual Day Planner to keep track of doctor's appointments for the family, things I need to remember to get at the store, my own work schedule, and reviews pending. If you're frustrated at all the things you have going on and yearning for a way to sort it all out, give Visual Day Planner a try!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Angelene

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