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Type of Program: Web page construction
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000/NT
Company/Authors Name: Codegeneration/Albert Fowler
Version: 3.1
Price: $49.95
Download Size: 3.4mb


Let me make no bones about this, I use this program for all of my web sites and have done for some time. I have tried many other programs of this type and this one is simply the best. The latest version is now released and is still streets ahead of the others.

It has what a really good program should have, a comprehensive range of facilities in line with what it is supposed to do and they are all easy to use and understand. Webscripter can be used by novice and professional alike. There are wizards for almost everything including HTML, CSS and Javascript. You want a mouseover link? Just click on the Java tab and "mousover", fill in some simple details and bingo it's done. You want Frames? Same thing it's simple. Included is an HTML and Java tag/command list which appears in tree form and inserts those tags when clicked or brings up a tag assistant where needed. If you're not sure what the tag does just visit the Codegeneration Online Support centre for an explanation.

Wizards for just about anything you want abound in this program, let me tell you this is very easy to use. If you want proof just take the time if you will to visit a site I designed using Webscripter. I am a novice at web design but the actual construction only took a couple of days and I wrote no code, it was all done using wizards and assistant pop ups and each with it's own clear and concise help file.

The program has an unlimited undo/redo feature as well as its own built in image viewer. You can preview your work as you go along in either the built in viewer or external browsers plus it has it's own FTP program. There is a project feature which keeps all the relevant files together for that project even auto-copying the ones you need from elsewhere. Newly added is the facility to open multiple html files which was restricted to 6 in the previous version.

If you're more accomplished, this is a fully fledged editor but I'm sure you'll soon be using the Javascript etc. wizards. It makes designing and coding a web page so easy.

I still thoroughly recommend this program to anyone either starting or accomplished in web design. Download it now for a 30 day free trial, I'm confident you'll keep it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie


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