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Type of Program: HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: Win 98/95/NT
Authors Name: Eric Momeplat
Version: 3.04
Price: $47.00
Installed Size:


Let me start by saying this is not for beginners. Kimiko is an experienced users application and for those users it is the Rolls Royce of editors, for top quality sites you need a top quality editor and this is it. 

Kimiko HTML Editor is ultra-robust, boasting no fewer than 53 tools in the interface alone, plus support for every Web authoring component you can think of. Just look at some of the features : It supports the new Html 4.0 draft, Netscape and Microsoft specific tags, ActiveX, Java Applets, JavaScript 1.2, VBScript 2.0, Active Server Pages 2.0, Server Side Include, Active Channels (CDF Format), NetCaster, Internet Data Connector (IDC), Netscape Server 3.0, Netscape LiveWire 1.0, Cold Fusion 3.1, and allows the creation of web sites on local disks and can upload them on a web server (FTP connection), it also supports the Html 4.0 tags and Netscape® and Microsoft® specifics tags., Server Side Include.
Kimiko is a set of 18 integrated tools : 
Net.Html Editor, the HTML editor, 
Net.Url Builder, the Url builder, 
Net.Page Wizard, the HTML document wizard, 
Net.CSS Editor, the Style Sheets Editor, 
Net.Data, the HTML documents wizard from databases, 
Net.Data-IDC, the Internet Data Connector (IDC) documents wizard, 
Net.Data-Form, the forms from databases wizard, 
Net.Script Pad, the scripts wizard for JavaScript™, Visual Basic® Script and Active Server Pages, 
Net.Frames Maker, the frames wizard, 
Net.Image Maper, the ImageMap builder, 
Net.Url Manager, the Url Manager, 
Net.Quick Connect, 
Net.Project Explorer, the Project manager to create web site on your local disk, 
Net.Robot Engine Wizard, the 'Robots.txt' files generator for the indexation of your site(s) by the search engines, 
Net.FTP Manager, to upload your website from your local disk to your Web server, 
Net.Channel-IE Wizard, the channel definition files wizard for Internet Explorer 4 (CDF), 
Net.Files Converter, to convert your documents (Dos, Unix and Macintosh Format), 
Net.Html Viewer, the web browser based on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. 

You can open and save documents on FTP server, you can create internet shortcuts, import them and capture urls in 
documents in order to reuse them later, create bookmarks for Netscape® Navigator, and more. Kimiko has a lot of powerful 
and funny wizards.

This is an excellent program with a first class GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the power to produce the most complex of web sites including e-commerce. Try visiting which was produced using Kimiko. You can download a fully functional version and try it free for 30 days but at the price it is I think you’ll be reaching for your credit card long before that.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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