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Best Price

Type of Program: Internet Shopping
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Company Name:
Version: 1.2
Price: $26.95
Installed Size: 1.2M


The install of this program was a no brainer, much like the rest of the programs you see these days.

The Help Window pops up the first time you run this program, though I doubt if you will need it. Good thing too. The English is a bit of a problem, and most of the Help single page is devoted to defining search terms.

The object of this program is to get you a deal while shopping on the Internet. That it does, for instance I put in Mobile Celeron for my search term, as expected it came up with a whole lot of laptop computer with Mobile Celeron chips, but it also did find what I was looking for a CPU. I also tried it to look for software, namely Adobe Acrobat. It did a pretty good job there too. A big advantage of this program over web based tools is that you can always sort by price. Another plus is that if there is a viewable image of the product you are searching for it will display that. Nice touch.

With the registered version you can get a couple of different skins, another nice touch.

Now for the downside. The nag screens are constant and really intrusive. The free/trial (not sure if it times out, I haven't used it long enough) version only lets you price compare 5 search engines. When you try to select more, you get some more nagging about buying the $26.95 version. Another semi-gripe, sizing. Maybe I have this problem because I use a fairly large resolution, but maybe not.. Here is the problem. The print size is fairly small on this program and the program only use up about 1/5 my desktop space, I thought it would be nice if you maximize the program to fill up the screen. There is the button to do that but it doesn't work. Perhaps in a future version. 

Maybe it would be nice if you could save the results of searches to look at later like Coopernic. In the Help it says you can save searches, perhaps that is only in the paid one, it doesn't say.  I pitted it against Coopernic 2000 by the way. Best Price comes out the winner if you can get your search term right. Coopernic 2000 though has categories for searching, like books, software, hardware that may be better in certain conditions.

I tried out their ordering site. When I transposed the numbers of my credit card it went tilt of course. It then gave an email address for further information. I quickly fired off a semi-rude message to them about my credit card not working. They responded that day writh one of the politest and most helpful emails I've ever received. Good grades there.

In conclusion, this promises to be a really useful shopping tool.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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