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Type of Program: Internet Phone/Forum with Instant Messaging and more!!
Supported Platforms: Win 98/98/NT4
Company Name: Multitude 
Version: 1
Price: Free as fresh air.
Installed Size: 1.55 MB


Hi folks. Its been almost 2 years since my last review. I told you about several internet phones and lots of other programs. You can read all of them by typing Robin Hall into the search line on the first page.

Internet phones have come a "long way baby." You can take that to the bank and the currency is Firetalk, the finest sounding, most versatile program of its type I have ever seen. Its terrific. Period. Now am I prejudiced here? You bet. I have Internet 101 Forum most nights at 6 PM Central time US, in the Computers and Technology section of the program.

Think about this. Where else can you go for literally hundreds of daily talk forums with people from about every country in the world participating? Where can you find an excellent, free PC Tech Forum staffed 24/7 by serious professionals and talented amateurs to help you with your computer problems? [ Firetalk Computers and Technology section ]. And where can you go to converse in more than 20 languages? [ International section ]! There are also voice mail, shared web tour and voice chat from any internet site features.

Go to the Firetalk Support during the day to see the quality of live help you get, then try out the different forums till you find a HOME.

Do I like this program? No. I LOVE IT!!! Just get it, install it and use it. Hope to see you there.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Robin Hall,

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