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My Screen Saver

Type of program: Screen Saver
Supported platforms: Win 95/98
Author’s name: John Castellevecio
Authors e-mail
Cost: $15
Installed size:


This is a very customizable screen saver. First, you can run it with the image files that came with it. Second you can create your own image ‘sets’ and sound ‘sets’. Finally you can download a free add-on program called SSKit, or Toolkit for Screen Saver at the above home page, which allows you to create your own screen savers for distribution or sale.

You can create as many image and sound sets as you want, images can be anywhere on your computer, and you can even switch sets while the screen saver is running by using the slideshow hotkey. [did I forget to mention that there is a slideshow function in this program also?] Gee it protects your monitor, displays images of your curtain climbers, and helps you with that important presentation at work to. Add to all that the fact you can make money with this program, and this might be the best $15 you ever spent. 

You have options to keep you busy for days. Among the options available are password protection, the number of pictures per set, changing sets, or modes on the fly, customize your pictures size, area, order and position, delay interval, frame your pictures, enable shrink and grow, and much much more. About the only thing it doesn’t have that a lot of screen savers do, is a lot of fancy transitional effects, It also doesn’t walk the dog or change the baby, but what do you want for $15? 

The SSKit is available free whether you register or not, but this program unregistered is a 15 day trial evaluation. When you create a screen saver, when it comes to the appropriate spot, it use the setup files from the original program, so that the screen saver you just sold can be installed on someone else’s system without requiring this program.

Not to long ago, I reviewed 3 screen saver makers, and all of them required a “professional” license to sell your screen saver, otherwise you could only give your creations to friends, as the cheaper registra tion would leave the company’s name and advertising on the credits info; and the cheapest of the 3 was $70 and was a rather horrible program to use. That translates into the fact that this is a pretty fantastic program, and I have no idea how they have kept the price so low! [Shhh, don’t tell them, maybe it’s just temporary insanity!]

The picture will show up in snapshot size in a checkerboard pattern all over the screen, although y ou can change size etc regarding that. 

Take my word for it, or better yet, don’t just take MY word for it, download it and try it out. When you do, I’m positive that you will agree, this program is definitely a keeper!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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