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Type of program: Screen Saver
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/NT 4+
Company name: New Vision Software
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 3.01
Cost: $14.95
Installed size: 5 MB


Quilts is a screen saver that is based on the idea that you would find quilt patterns pretty as a screen saver. While the pictures were good, I didnít care for this screen saver. [I enjoyed the aviation ones better!] Donít get me wrong, that doesnít mean you might not enjoy this screen saver, some people are very into quilts, itís just not my thing.

You can change, through options, the time between pictures, the size of the screen, whether or not the sound is on, the transition effects, and more. This screen saver is high resolution 24-bit images, and it is written entirely in 32-bit code.

This program is shareware, and therefore is only good for 15 days. Also it will only display 10 of the 24 images, that are actually contained in this program-once it is unlocked, it will display all 24 images.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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