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Web SurfACE

Type of Program: Web Browser
Supported Platforms: Window 9x/NT/2000
Company Name: ToolPool
Version: 3.0
Price: free/$24.95
Installed Size: 950 kb


Let's face it, there are things about your current web browser that you don't like. You wish it could do this or that but Netscape and IE just doesn't have those features. Well then Web SurfACE is the answer to your prayers. Built on the Internet Explorer core controls Web SurfACE adds functionality that speeds up your web surfing, web searching and web shopping experience in an innovative yet easy to use manner.

SurfACE allows you to open multiple web pages that are displayed on separate tabs in the same window. No more hunting the task bar for the correct window. No more running two, three four or more copies of your browser and depleting your system resources. The tabs are clearly marked and customizable in how they look and how they open. You can even define a tab as a Master which means that every link clicked on that page opens on a new tab. This is wonderful for search results. You can also create Sessions which are groups of pages that can all be open at the same time with a single click. I have a session defined as my start page so that the four sites I check daily open as soon as Web SurfACE starts. What a time saver!

Searching for shareware or anything else on the web? You can choose your favorite search engine and whether you want a keyword or exact phrase search. You then simply type your search word / phrase into the address bar and click the search button. No more surfing to your favorite search engine page and defining all the search parameters manually. The results open on a new tab, which you can set to be a Master automatically, and you are off and running.

You saved a page in your Favorites but now you can't find it anywhere. Just type a keyword in the address bar and click the Search Favorites button. A window pops up displaying all the hits matching your keyword from in the Favorites folder. Just double click on the one you want to open or open them all by clicking the select all and Open buttons.

The interface is completely customizable and all the options are clearly explained. The author is very responsive to requests for help and suggestions for features and there are so many more features that it would take days for me to cover them all. The ad-supported version is fully functional and FREE!!!

This is what Internet Explorer wants to be when it grows up! Definitely worth a try. But I warn you, once you try it you won't ever want to surf the web again without Web SurfACE!!!

Note: Web Surface utilizes the Internet Explorer controls so IE 4 or later must be installed on your system before using Web SurfACE.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jeff Worley 

Methods of purchasing the program: Buy it online, by FAX or mail through Share-it. A link is provided on the homepage. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, check, cash or wire transfer are accepted forms of payment.

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