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Eluent Tools

Type of Program: Utility Collection
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/2000
Company Name: Eluent Software, L.L.C.
Version: 1.2
Price: $30.00
Installed Size: 3.1 MB


The instalation of this program was a snap. It gave path decisions, a EULA, and a Explorer menu extension decision.

The Tools
Eluent Find:
Eluent Find is a program for finding strings in text files and viewing the matching lines or filenames. With Eluent Find, you can search for plain text, and you can also search for text matching a pattern written in a variety of regular expression, or regex, languages, named for the Unix programs that originally implemented them:
Grep (basic regex)
Egrep (extended regex)
Fgrep (list of fixed strings)
Perl (all the above and more)
Eluent Find has two modes of operation, Window View and Text Output, which are distinguished by the presentation of the search results. In each mode, you can specify the search parameters in a dialog box, which collects the information necessary to perform the search.
When you start Eluent Find from the Windows Start Menu, an Explorer context menu, or from the command line as elfindg, Eluent Find presents the search results in a three-pane window, containing a list of the matching files, lines matched within the selected file, and the selected file contents. This Window View mode allows you to view the contents of the matching files and easily move from match to match within the files. This is a read-only view, not an editor, but you can open the current file in a text editor. You can also search in the current results or perform a new search on a different set of files.

Eluent Attrib allows you to change the following attributes for files and folders, collectively known as file system objects, or just objects: Archive, Hidden, Read Only, System, Compressed, Encrypted.T
You can also use Eluent Attrib to view attributes on the command line.

Eluent Dir
Eluent Dir is a file finder and lister based on Path Plans. You can use it to construct and test Path Plans, and you can also save its output to a file, possibly for use by another program. For example, it's possible to create a simple but useful backup system based on Eluent Dir, Path Plans, and an archiving program.

Eluent EOL
Eluent EOL converts text files between DOS, Unix, and Macintosh formats. DOS text files terminate lines with carriage return/linefeed (CR/LF) pairs. Unix text files use LF alone. Macintosh text files use CR alone.

Eluent Replace
Eluent Replace is a multi-file search and replace tool that supports:
Literal text search and replace.
Regular expression search and replace using Perl regular expressions.
Multiple Replace Rules per task, that can be saved for later use in a Replace Plan.
Perl scripting within Replace Rules and Replace Plans.
Interactive as well as non-interactive modes of operation.

FrontPage 2000 Notes
For a detailed description of how they are using Eluent Replace with Microsoft FrontPage 2000, go to this page on their web site:
In brief, they've used scripting to work around a problem FrontPage 2000 has with external programs that modify webs, allowing us to apply Eluent Replace to FrontPage webs with a minimum of fuss.

Eluent Tab
Eluent Tab is a text file tool that converts tabs to spaces and spaces to tabs. By default, Eluent Tab adjusts line indentation only; that is, it limits its conversion to sequences of tabs or spaces that occur at the beginning of a line. For example, if lines are consistently indented with tabs, Eluent Tab can replace each leading tab with a fixed number of spaces, preserving the leading columnar arrangement of the file. Conversely, if the file uses spaces for indentation, and each line is indented by a multiple of a fixed number of spaces, Eluent Tab can convert the spaces into tabs, again preserving the leading columnar arrangement. This “fixed number of spaces” constitutes the tab size.

Eluent Touch
Eluent Touch sets file and folder timestamps. Each object possesses three timestamps:
Creation Time, the date and time the object was created.
Last Write Time, the date and time the object was last modified.
Last Access Time, the date and time of last access.
With Eluent Touch, you can set these timestamps individually or all at once, and you have full control over the dates and times you set.

Now that you have a summary of the tools, I'll bet you are impressed. Well you should be this is a real workhorse of a program. The layout of everything is intuative and there are even command line options.

In conclusion if you work, with Visual C++ , Perl, FrontPage 2000, or any programing work at all give this Great Program a shot. You get 30 days of a full featured program to try out and for the work it does $30 is a bargain.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Pepe Mia

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