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Version: 8.098
Type of Program: MultiMedia Authoring
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: GMedia
Price: Commercial Edition - $949.99 Personal Edition - $149
Installed Size: 6meg (3meg for Backups)


Faster than a speeding DSL, more powerful than any browser, look, it's a screensaver, it's an application, no, it's GLPro! This is one software program you must get if you are truly serious as a Developer about creating multimedia applications! GLPro is all of the above, and more!

GLPRO provides more flexibility than any other program comparable to it with positively no sacrifice on speed! Yes, you heard right, no sacrifice on speed! (That's my final answer)! The speed to me was "very impressive." With GLPRO you'll be creating all types of applications from screensavers, address books, demos, games, databases, internet-aware applications, live-data monitoring, film promotions, product guides, audio books, interactive kiosks, computer based training, computer based testing and so much more!

How does it go so much faster than any other product of its' like-kind? GLPRO has it's own high speed animation format called the GLPRO Animation Generator in that it takes your prepared image files in (from many formats), and outputs an optimized file that is significantly smaller than the source material. GLPRO has complete support for all of its multimedia features. Animation, sound, image display, anti-aliased text, printing, it's all here and is achieved internally, so now you can create and ship single file applications to customers that install NOTHING, notta, to the user's system. You won't have to rely on DLLs, OCXs, fonts, DirectDraw, QuickTime! It's ALL there, ready to go on the end-users computer at blazing speeds! How else does GLPro gain that speed? It has well over 600 powerful features that are packed into ONE executable engine less than 320Kb in size! There are no external drivers or DLLs that are required and the GLPRO engine binds with your content to create a professional, single EXE or SCR file that starts immediately on all Windows platforms.

Other than its' speed you'll also of course find many useful functions when creating your next true, professional application. There are so many features in GLPro that it would take several pages (in fact there is a 460 page book you can find on their site). But for the curious and serious developer here is a brief list of some of its' features:

-- Full access to 16-bit and 32-bit APIs and DLLs ? Custom application shapes ? Fast image loading and displaying ? MCI control ? Embedded fonts with real-time anti-aliasing! ? Image layers ? Complete variable support ? Automatic rollovers, hotspots and user control ? Powerful timers (10 of them) ? Full Registry and INI control ? Comprehensive file and data management ? Image warp and stretch ? Secure data encryption and decryption functions ? With it you can now build powerful screensavers ? Advanced integrated development environment ? Highly flexible object buffers for maximum control ? Complete Internet support! ? Complete image and palette control ? Total Windows compatibility ? Sound support (MP3 as well)

The working environment is not a WYSIWYG so may not be for the faint hearted but instead it has several editors where you write code for the application you are creating. Here are some of its' Editors:

-- GLPRO Editor: This allows you to develop and edit the GLPRO script, create and manage source folders, files, and to create a finished compiled application.

-- Image Editor: This allows you to load and save images plus perform a variety of other useful image editing tasks.

-- Font Editor: Allows you to create new GLF fonts for use in your GLPRO applications. Also lets you edit existing fonts. Using this Editor allows you to visually create beautiful fonts for use in your applications.

Then you have a few GLPro Utilities:

-- .GL Maker: This is a command-line utility used to combine your source files (TXT scripts, fonts, pictures, fonts, animations etc.) into a single.GL (GLPRO library) file.

-- GLPRO Binder: Another command-line utility that binds a .GL file of your source with a GLPRO engine into a final executable application file.

-- The SPEED: GLPRO engines (both the pure 32-bit GLplay32.exe and 16-bit/32-bit GLplay16.exe) are is designed to playback GLPRO .GL files.

-- GLPRO Animation Generator

Get ready to blast off! GLPro not only handles multimedia development in this Millennium, but also could take you into the next. This has got to be the fastest, most robust application on the Internet today. The program is great, support is great, creations you make will be great, and the speed is out of this world! Stop by GMedia's site today if you desire to create powerful applications or if you are already a serious developer and not creating with GLPro take a look at this development tool today.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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