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Dark Basic

Type of Program: Programming/Game Programming
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: Dark Basic Software
Version: 106
Price: $70.00
Installed Size:


Don't let the name of this program fool you. Although the interface may be 'dark,' there's nothing dark about it. Dark Basic is a game programmer's dream come true, especially if you're a programmer of the old Basic Language. With your experience and Dark Basic, you should be creating the next great 3D (or if you must, 2D), game to be hitting the market in a matter of time.

Dark Basic allows you to create most anything from a simple text program to a full screen 3D game taking advantage of using DirectX (DirectX 7 required as well as a 4m video card and a 233mhz or better). With a single command you can have access to sound, music, animation, text and graphics. You can also read and control force feedback joysticks and head mounted displays. As the documents enclosed in the program states; "The only thing between you and the creation of commercial quality software is time and talent" certainty holds true.

You're able to store over sixty thousand 3D objects at any one time (yes, 60,000 in the Registered Version!). With these many objects, they can be positioned anywhere within your game, rotated, scaled, and perform animation if the actual object contains animation data.

Although it may seem hard at first, Dark Basic does require some thought (creativity), some programming expertise and a will to persevere. With it's rich set of commands at your disposal, manipulation of DirectX along with the Help files (Registered Version), you should be up and running in no time, building your next great 3D game.

The Trial Version disables the Media Menu, you are restricted to 10,000 lines of code the Context Sensitive Help is not available, you are not permitted to load 3DS model files, you are restricted to 100 3D objects, 100 2D objects, 100 sounds and your standalone executables include a Dark Basic Logo. With these limitations you will not be prevented from knowing the full power of Dark Basic. When you Register you get all the above plus 5 more animated character models, 50 textured models, photo-stock bitmaps and animations, plus 5MB of game specific textures along with 40 music tracks and over 120 sound effects. I suggest registering ASAP and get your 3D game going.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site or through the order forms via the Help files.

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