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Multimedia Fusion 

Type of Program: Game / Application creation
Supported Platforms: Windows '95/ '98 / NTx
Company Name: Clickteam
Version: 1.06
Price: 66 
Installed Size: 30 mb (+ your saved files)


This is Clickteam's latest programme, MMF. It is billed as a programme that enables you to create multimedia applications with ease; and this is certainly true - you can create many things in it in a fraction of the time you would spend in Macromedia Director.

Once again, MMF centres around the 'drag & drop' concept (just drag your graphics onto the level and configure the actions in the event editor), and have added yet more features to it since The Games Factory. MMF does not boast a very impressive user - interface, in fact, it will take you weeks to master as opposed to days with the previous incarnations, but if you stick with it, you will, as I have, grow to love it. If you are just starting out, however, I would recommend The Games Factory as it is more user - friendly. MMF is still in 2D also - but it is way more powerful than Klik & Play or The Games Factory. You can also sell and distribute your games as long as you acknowledge MMF in your credits.

There are also many more editors in MMF - as well as the standard storyboard, event and level editor they also have timeline and morphing. Coupled with the fact that it has the functions of KNP and TGF rolled into one plus yet more features, MMF is worth the money.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Mischa Balen

To buy this programme, visit and buy it from their online store. Unlike their other products, it ships on CD-ROM.

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