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Exploit Submission Wizard

Type of Program: Web Promotion Tool
Supported Platforms: Win95/98
Company Name: Exploit Information Technology Ltd
Version:  5.4c
Price: $35 - $145
Installed Size: 6 MB


For those of you who design websites you will all know that search engine submission is a pain in the lower regions.  All that repetitive typing by hand in the belief that manual submission gives you a better chance of getting listed.  

Exploit Submission Wizard puts an end to all that. The main advantage of auto-submission is that typing errors are eliminated assuming you have checked the details you are submitting.  The disadvantage is that many search engines recognize auto-submission and deal with it accordingly i.e. very low or no listing at all.  Using browser stealth technology search engines cannot differentiate submissions made with the Wizard from those made manually.  

Exploit check submission scripts every week and when changes are made those scripts are up dated and are available for download.  The advanced ‘InteliMatch Wizard Technology’ automatically filters the engine list on both category and country prior to your own selection and ensures your submissions are always accepted where you want them to be.

Exploit Submission Wizard submits to 300 engines at a time and currently supports 1300 engines with more being added all the time. I tried a submission to all 1300 and it took just 18 minutes, pretty impressive.  I also got several e-mails telling me I had been listed already.  

A full report of the submissions can be printed out.  The program is very user friendly and a free demo can be downloaded for you to try though there are restrictions.

I thoroughly recommend this program, it is a massive saver of time and gets results.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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