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Type of Program: Graphics/MultiMedia
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: Curious Labs
Version: 4
Price: $299.00
Installed Size: 50m


NOTE: This program is intended for serious 3D developers and graphic artists. It is not a game, nor an elementary rudimentary point and click program. This is perhaps the best program for computer generated 3D! An indispensable tool for the serious developer! So, if you are serious about creating 3D figures, willing to put forth some time in learning, and want to design truly life-like characters, than read on.

A lot can be said of a name and especially with this program. With Poser you have all the abilities to create your very own actual 3D models of characters. I really do mean 3D! These characters can be human, animals or whatever you can come up with. All the material is here for you to work with including poses you can put your characters into, add some props, animation and viola, you're on the way to creating your very own 3D claymations!

Many of the characters that you create have all the body parts (you heard right, all the body parts) that you can twist, rotate and move to your exact pose. Each body part is poseable! Included are an animation editor, a sketch designer and a walk designer so you can make anything in exact sequences. Place a figure on the document window, add clothing and hair (which both can also be posed in some cases), add some props, a shadow, some light here and there, a background and begin posing them and you soon see just how well 3D characters can come to life!

The program uses many graphic formats that are akin to true 3D programs such as .OBJ, .DXF, and more so you can create figures in those types of applications and import them into Poser. Though to create your very own figure from scratch and to use the Poser naming convention would be like playing the violin for only 1 day and expecting to play all the concert halls the next. It does take time, but with the many available figures, props, clothing, and so much more to work with already included with Poser you have enough to keep yourself busy for a very long time!

There is a wealth of Poser Forums and sites to download more character sets, clothing, etc., and you can obtain online help, plus it comes with a well written book so keeping current does not seem to be much of a problem. This is a program for those really serious about delving into 3D creation and producing high quality 3D art and 3D animation. If you've ever seen some of those movies or games with 3D character animation than you've probably seen some examples of what Poser can do for you.

The company that initially launched Poser (MetaCreations) has since been sold to Curious Labs and the latter looks to be gearing up to further enhance Poser and keep it around for some time. Be sure to visit them today and check this program out if you are a serious 3D developer.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site or through the order forms via the Help files.

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