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CARCare 2000

Type of Program: Auto Database/PIM
Supported Platforms:: Win 95/98/ME/NT4/2000
Company/Authors Name: SCB Consulting/Steve Bathurst
Version: 1.2.028
Price: 29.95
Installed Size: 6294


Car Care is a simple yet feature-oriented PIM that organizes and streamlines the task of organizing your automobiles and, yes it will come in handy if you have one of those motorized scooter thingies as well. The software is about five megs to download, but its features, ease of use and handiness will make up for the half hour of 56K downloading.

Installation of Car Care consists of download/unzip/setup. It is easier than it is quick, but it,s not bad as far as time goes. As put by the author; "CARCare enables you to track your auto service history, maintenance expenses, fuel economy, and more for any number of vehicles." 

This is true and there is not much that I can explain about this software. It is free to try, thirty bucks to own, and worth a shot. 

User Friendly:  
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by John Guilfoil

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