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Full Motion Video (FMV)

Type of Program: MultiMedia Viewer
Supported Platforms: Windows NT/95/98
Company Name: Slipstream Systems
Version: 2.0
Price: $24.99
Installed Size: 7.18 megabytes


Full Motion Video (FMV) is a versatile multimedia viewer which views virtually every digital video and audio format currently used on the internet. From MPEG, Avi's, and Quicktime videos, to real media 8 and DivX ;-), this comprehensive viewer watches them all. Full motion video also supports many other features, such as varying play speeds, audio and video playlist creating, fully customizable zooming, and other useful and fun features that allow the user to enjoy their video and audio clips in just about any way they can imagine.

The free 30 day trial allows all of the functions mentioned above, as well as many other functions such as looping a selected portion of video, and supporting 'skins' for the player itself. With few small problems, such as slight aliasing in certain newer codecs like real media 8, and DivX ;-) from time to time, the FMV player has very little or no downside to an outstanding all-in-one player, jukebox, and video editor. The full version appears to support even more functions like AVI to MPEG converting, and the ability to join mpeg files together, as well as reverse play and a slew of other options that users might want in a media player. 

Overall, Full Motion Video is an excellent player with few hindrances, unnoticeable in fact, unless you are a very frequent user and resizer of real media 8. A good buy for avid mpeg viewers, converters, and those that "just want to join some mpegs together".

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Kalean Senretsu

Full Motion Video can be purchased at via secure online ordering, phone, and mail.

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