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Golden Section Organizer

Type of Program: PIM
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000
Company Name: TGS labs.
Version: 1.30
Price: 30
Installed Size: 1265


It looks good and it performs well, but once you start you may find it less functional. For example, there are no internal link capabilities that might link notes to events or tasks. The card file can be set up the way you wish (you define fields) but it is a little clumsy in entering information; you must press enter and then move the cursor to the next field rather than have it jump or use the tab key. The events list dictates all dates relative to the current day, otherwise it would be very useful as a chronology tool.

It does come with dozens of events such as birthdays, religious holidays for all faiths and national holidays as well as some random events, and these are very interesting to review.

The program is updated regularly, so expect to see more improvements. It has, for example, established an association with Chameleon Clock, so GSO users can get a discount on that program.

Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Marion Cutler

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