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Secure Troy

Type of Program: Hacker Protection
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000/NT
Company Name: SecureTroy Development
Version: 2.13
Price: $19
Installed Size: 5mb


One thing I always have on my machine is good security, mainly because of the many hours I spend on the Internet and an awareness of the perils of doing so. I'll be honest, up until now I have used Zone Alarm, which has blocked all attempts to intrude into my machine but there was always something missing. It was that feeling of wanting revenge every time some "script kiddie", or worse, attempted intrusion. Secure Troy gives you the opportunity of hitting back whilst at the same time giving you full protection.

The first thing I did with this program was to give it the acid test. I went to the excellent Shields Up security test site,, which attempts to enter you machine via various ports and then gives you a full report on which ports are vulnerable etc. Secure Troy passed this with flying colours, everything closed and secure. OK, you say, nearly all the firewalls do that. Yes they do but none of them, to my knowledge, let you hit back by crashing or flooding the hacker's client and that's just one of the ways of striking back. Secure Troy lets you emulate a Trojan server, whilst still affording you protection, tricking the hacker into thinking he's hit gold, and holds the connection open giving you the opportunity to flood or crash the hacker client with a message of your choice, where possible, using the menu option provided. 

Very satisfying indeed!!

That's only the start. Other tools include an Anti-Trojan scanner to detect and clean Trojans. Process Manager which displays a list of all running programs on your computer. Unlike the Windows ctrl,alt and delete task list, Process Manager shows all running programs, including trojan servers, which are not normally visible. Start-up Manager which shows all the programs which will run at start-up including hidden ones like Trojans. A Whois Client so you can trace the hackers ISP and report them to the abuse@ e-mail address for that ISP. Secure Troy Resolver, which can convert an IP address to a Host name which again allows you to find the hackers ISP. Secure Troy Pinger which lets you see if the hacker's computer is reachable and can also be used to trace the Internet route to the hacker's computer. There is also an update button where you can check if you have the latest version and trojan signatures.

All in all this a veritable arsenal of tools to protect yourself and hit back at hackers. At the price it is a "must have" piece of software.

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Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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