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Type of Program: Electronic Book Publishing
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/W2K
Company Name: NeoSoftware
Version: 4.05
Price: $199.95
Installed Size: 15m


Let's face it, electronic publishing is here to stay and if you want to join in creating your own electronic book, magazine, e-card, or other applications, NeoBook will help you do just that. NeoBook in short is an easy point and click program that allows you to create your very own Electronic Book (e-book), Electronic Magazine (e-zine), Training and Testing Materials, Multimedia Classroom Projects, Sales Brochures, Catalogs, Greeting Cards, Multimedia Resumes, Kiosk Displays and more. NeoBook is very well suited to aide you along the way whether you know nothing at all about making applications, or are a seasoned veteran. It does have its own Scripting language for further power and is very easy to learn. You can use many of the advanced scripts simply again by pointing and clicking.

I have looked at several programs similar to NeoBook and each has their niche. NeoBook has two additional extras that I particularly enjoyed. Namely, the ease at creating screensavers, and the ability to create an application that resides in the Windows Traybar. There may be other areas within NeoBook that you will find more useful than others but any way you use it, NeoBook can probably do it.

Included in the Registered Version is an additional application named NeoToon. NeoToon is a utility that allows you to create animated cartoons (a series of images displayed sequentially to produce the illusion of animation ). These NeoToon files are generally small in size, which is an advantage when creating publications that will be downloaded or stored on diskette. You can also use these cartoons to move across a screen along a path, which you specify.

When you're ready to publish your creation NeoBook packs all needed and associated parts of your app into one compact executable, ready to distribute.

So if you've wanted to create your own applications and have been afraid, try NeoBook. Generally, the best way to learn is to just delve right in and NeoBook has plenty of sample applications you can look into. Email support deserves 10 Stars in itself. I really like it when you email support and they answer back personally and in a timely manner. NeoBook's support team won't leave you hanging in the middle of creating your app!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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