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Type of Program: 3D Modelling/Animation
Supported Platforms: Windows 9X/NT4/Win2K
Authors Name: R. Steven Glanville
Version: 0.7
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 5mb


This is truly one of the best FREE animation packages you can find on the web!
I found this while looking for a simple modelling package to help me make models for my own projects. I was very surprised at how so much little effort can create outstanding results. The first time i used it, i completely sunk into it as if i was an expert! The commands are easy, the buttons and GDI is outstanding. There are also user submitted tutorials on the website for you to learn the different techniques at you disposal!

Unfortunately as all great things have their downsides this does too, it only supports its own file types which make it hard to make it compatible with other packages ie AutoCAD, 3D Studio amongst others. But this is a definitely must see, you wont be disappointed and for being totally free you cant ask for anything more! And as for support i send an email inquiring about a problem and he got straight back to me, to my surprise!!!
Thumbs up to Steven who has created an excellent user friendly 3d animation package that definitely has changed the way i look at 3d packages!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Gareth'Twister'Girling

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