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Dynamic Submission 2000

Type of Program: Webpage promotion utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Company Name: Human Contact - Apex Pacific
Version: 6.1.36
Price: $49.95 U.S.- $199.95 U.S., depending on edition purchased
Installed Size: 2.86 MB


Up until today, I had one single favorite website submission tool; now, I'm going to have to rethink my choice!

Dynamic Submission 2000 is incredible software. Yes, it's a website promotion utility which will submit an unlimited number of your URLs to hundreds of general search engines, directories, news/classified sites, hot sites, and online malls -- but it's so much more.

**A meta-tag generator: Allows you to create or modify the meta-tags for one or more HTML files with one mouse click. You can also retrieve meta tags from any URL you direct the program to (your own --- your competitors -- the possibilities!).

**Optimizer: Dynamic Submission 2000 will check your website (keywords, description, title, meta-tags, and first 200 words of your website) and suggest ways to improve its' search engine ranking.

**Doorway Page Generator: Dynamic Submission 2000 will create a "doorway page" for your site. (A doorway page is one specifically designed to rank highly in search engines for a certain keyword or phrase).

**Web Ranking Reports: Provides you with the information you need to make improvements, correct problems, and even check out the competition!

**Keyword Builder: Allows you to build a keyword database, thereby saving you hours of brainstorming for just the right words or phrase.

**WebSearch: Allows you to do a general search on search engines, check your website's visibility, etc.

**Engine Builder (available in Enterprise Edition only): Allows you to add search engines to Dynamic Submissions' own extensive database. Correctly configured, Dynamic Submission 2000 will retrieve the registration form directly from the search engine you'd like to add.

**A built-in FTP upload client: Allows you to upload files to your website.

I tried Dynamic Submission 2000. The user interface is clean and clear, and very easy to configure. Since it submits to numerous sites at one time it's fast. All the reports are easy to understand, and very helpful. The built-in FTP is easy to use and fast. I actually can't think of anything I didn't like about Dynamic Submission 2000.

Think of the money you can save promoting your own site, whether it's your business' or your own personal website. I highly recommend Dynamic Submission 2000!

Note: The unregistered version submits to only ten random search engines.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Angelene

You can purchase online using your credit card, or print out an order form to purchase by mail. Further details are available on the software's website.

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