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SiSoftware Sandra

Type of Program: PC Diagnostic Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/2000
Version: 2001.5.8.11
Company Name: SiSoft
Price: $29.00
Installed Size: 4m


Gentlemen, start your computers! Or, let's do some serious checking under the hood first. With SiSoftware's Sandra software you can do just that; check so many different areas of your computer's health you will be amazed! Sandra, or otherwise known as "The System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant" is your complete Windows 32 (and Windows 16) information & diagnostic utility.

When I say it is your "complete" diagnostic tool, believe me, it is "complete." Sandra provides more information about the inner workings of your computer than most commercial diagnostic software! So forget about many of those packaged deals. Sandra is all you will need.

So what is Sandra, and what does it do? First, Sandra comes in two distinct versions:

1.. Sandra Standard (free for home use only - with no nag screens, time limit, etc.) 2.. Sandra Professional (commercial) The Home Version includes 50 areas of computer diagnostic tools which include; Information Analysis, Benchmarking, Listing & Testing/Diagnostic Modules

The Professional (Commercial) Version includes the same capabilities as the Standard Version plus an additional 20 different diagnostic tools

Each of these many areas of diagnostic tools are divided into four "modules."

1.. Information Modules
2.. Benchmarking Modules
3.. Listing Modules
4.. Testing/Diagnostic Modules
The Information Module is the most complete. It gives you many tools to check your computer's health and state of condition. From here you can check: ATA/ATAPI Information, CMOS Information, Communication Devices, your CPU/Bus/BIOS/Chipset Information, Data Sources (ODBC), DirectX Information, DOS Device Drivers, DOS Memory Information, Drive Information, Game Controllers Information, IP Network Information, a complete System Summary, Windows & DOS OS Information, Windows Memory Information, WinSock (Internet) Information and much more!

The Benchmarking Module gives you areas you can check your computer to benchmarks. Areas such as your CD-ROM, how your CPU stacks up, a Drives Benchmark, a Memory Benchmark and more.

The Listing Modules are give you information on AutoExec.bat, the Boot.ini, the Config.dos, Config.sys, Control.ini, MsDos.sys and yet still has room for more!

The Testing/Diagnostic Modules cover your CMOS Dump & Check, the DMA Channel Settings, Hardware Irq Settings

I/O Ports Settings

Memory Range Settings

Plug & Play Enumerator

Software Protected-Mode Irq Handlers

Software Real-Mode Irq Handlers

There's so much in this program perhaps it would be better for you to visit them and try the software out for yourself.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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