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Stargate Link Boss

Type of Program: Shortcut tools, Desktop
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Company/Authors Name: Lincoln Beach Software/Harold Holmes
Version: 3.00
Price: $19.99
Installed Size:


One thing that annoys me with Windows is its navigation system, it's a bit labour intensive to say the least. Then along comes Stargate Link Boss and all of a sudden you are floating instead of wallowing.

In the words of Harold Holmes

"Instantly, launch anything with this fast and easy-to-use tray application! Keep all of your important and favorite programs, bookmarks and e-mail addresses just a click away! Quickly drag and drop new links and shortcuts to the hide away docking window that pops into action when needed. Manage your links and categories easily with the simplicity of the drag and drop feature. Easily access shortcuts from your desktop with a click of the mouse when other Windows cover them! Access the "My Documents" folder from the same tool faster than you've ever imagined! Easily access to the most recent used file list is just a click away! Internet Explorer Favorites and Netscape Bookmarks are automatically imported to the tray popup menu for quick access as well."

Yup, it does all that and more. With each link you add there is the option to add comments such as a password or user name or some such. This appears in the form of a tooltip when you hover the cursor over the link. I now have a desk top with only 3 icons thanks to this program but all I have to do is move my mouse to the left side of the screen and the hidden dockable window with all the links I chose appears. No more minimizing, no more wallowing through "Start" - "Programs" etc. The Stargate window can be hidden top, bottom, left or right side of your screen and slides out in an instant. All links can be stored in groups in the Windows Explorer type window that Stargate produces and if your list of links in any particular link is large it will split that list into side by side columns (configurable) so you dont have to scroll.

Yet again a simple, easy to use, well thought out program that really is a help to the user which gets it the 5 stars.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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