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Actual Drawing

Type of Program: WYSIWYG HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/ME
Company Name: PY Software
Version:3.4 Deluxe
Installed Size:


After downloading and installing, which by the way was an absolute breeze, my first reaction on running this program was "Oh no! Kiddy software!" How wrong I was, this is a sophisticated piece of web design software that is easy enough for a kiddy to use and produce adult results.

It's an absolute dream to use and just look at the features:

Ready to use Web Site Templates Built-in
Preview supports JavaScript, StyleSheets, and DHTML
FTP Upload directly to any folder on your Website
Spell Checking for major languages
Built in Image effects
Javascript Rollover Images
Drag-drop from Explorer
Special/Extended Character List
Submitting Web Pages to most popular search engines
Live Animation
Image Optimization
Multiple File Edit
Visual table creating
Creating Web-based forms
Calculating download time for a Web page
Floating layers
Instant drop shadow, glow, inner shadow, blurred bevel and inner glow
Unlimited transparency capabilities
Filling objects: linear fill, velvet fill, radial fill, conical fill, square fill and pattern
Outlining objects
Polygon shapes
Thumbnail galleries
Import HTML script

Plus you can import flash and Shockwave files, Java applets and ActiveX controls. On top of all that there is an outstandingly easy to use built in layered drawing facility with which you can construct some very sophisticated graphics. There is more but it would take too much space to mention everything, suffice it to say this program has features within its features.

If your a novice and want to create pro web sites or if you're a pro and want the easy life this is a must have.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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