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Type of Program: Modem/Fax Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/W2K
Company Name: 01 Communique Laboratory Inc.
Version: 2.0.883.1
Price: $79.95
Installed Size: 37m


Listen up all you busy execs, you movers and shakers. Okay, all you users that just want to simplify your busy telecommunications schedule, you may want to hear this as well. Here is a program that will replace all those other cumbersome ones. No more opening "this" file for "this" project, no more opening "this" app just to do "this" one thing to communicate. COMMUNICATE! i2000 is truly your all-in-all telecommunications application!

COMMUNICATE! i2000 is your complete integrated messaging software package that will transform your PC into a powerful communication tool! It organizes your telephone, has CallerID announcement, voicemail, fax, pager, Internet e-mail, Internet video phone, Internet audio-mail, Internet video-mail, remote message retrieval, and so much more! Using these, (and dozens of the other useful features) lets you work smarter - not harder. So get COMMUNICATE! i2000 and decrease all that paperwork and save time by consolidating all your communications in this one easy-to-use interface. Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the road, COMMUNICATE! i2000 is the software of choice for busy people.

What can you do with it? Just look at some of these features:

1.. It's a telephone answering machine
2.. It's an intelligent telephone in itself
3.. It's a fax machine
4.. Use it as your Internet phone, Internet e-mail, and Internet web browsing companion
5.. Try out the Internet video phone, Internet video/audio mail, or Internet video monitoring
6.. Use it as your Text-To-Speech to "listen" to your e-mail
7.. It's the ultimate contact management tool
8.. It's a comprehensive messaging center
9.. Use it as your remote management system
10.. Use it to record telephone conversations
11.. Use it as your personal 411 service
12.. Managing a sales team from it
13.. Use the program to act as a motion detector while you're out
14.. Monitor unsolicited phone calls
15.. Block unwanted calls (get it just for this alone!)
16.. And much more!
Now after looking at all these features you may be thinking; "With all those features it surely is hard to use and setup." Thanks to its intuitive design, COMMUNICATE! i2000 is very easy to start using right out of the box.

When you want to use some of these more advanced features:
1.. Customizing your voicemail greeting
2.. Designing different voice menus for different callers (based on CallerID)
3.. Auto-forwarding a fax to your e-mail
4.. Notify your pager or cellular phone or any phone number about any new inbound faxes
5.. Plus much more
Many of these advanced features are just a point and click away to a more self sufficient home or office. Despite its array of features, COMMUNICATE! i2000 is one of the most advanced, easy to use telecommunication devices around. You get all of this for under $100 (USA prices). I can't say enough about this program so visit their site, see if it doesn't meet all your needs and then get yours today.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

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