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Active Media Storm

Type of Program: Screensaver Authoring Toolkits
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Version: 1.001
Company Name: Active Media Technology.
Price: $595.00 Developer Edition / $895.00 Professional Edition
Installed Size: 8m


Active Media has created yet another great screen saver authoring toolkit for those of you that either create savers professionally, or make them for your own pleasure. Active Media's Storm is the latest in a range of Screen Saver Authoring Toolkits from Active Media Technology. For those who are familiar with their Eclipse toolkits, using Storm will feel just as natural. For those who have yet to try any of their programs, perhaps you should do so now. With Storm you will be creating quality style screen saver within 5 minutes!

Storm uses new engine technology, to allow for multiple Transitions within the Screen Saver at the same time. What that means is that you could have a digital clock running on the screen while also running a 3D cube, an explosion, an animation, a slideshow or any of the more than 20 transitions on any one screen at the same time! This of course is all accomplished with only a few clicks of the mouse! No programming, no scripting, just point and click. It's that easy! So when Active Media says that you can create a screen saver in as little in 7 steps, believe it.

Designing the screen saver is done through the easy to navigate screen layout. The screen is divided into 4 separate windows: the Project window, the Screen window, the Properties windows and the Sequence window. The Project Window shows all the structure of the screen saver Project such as the Transitions as well as the Screens used to build up the complete Project. The Project window also allows you to adjust other properties depending on the Edition you are using (Developer or Professional). The Screen Window determines the Transition 'play area'. That is, it represents what your actual screen will look like. Here you can place the various Transitions and elements that make up your total screen saver. The Properties window contains the Transition properties that can be selected for each Transition. Here you can adjust the many Transitions such as how long any one Transition will play, the images used in that particular Transition, etc. The Sequence Window represents each Transition within the Screen by timeline. It shows the Transitions used in the Screen and the time each Transition will play. You can modify each Transition on the Sequence window by dragging the timelines here for each start and stop attributes.

Now, are you ready to really get your creation looking and acting professional? Storm gives you the ability to create screen savers that can be linked to a User action or to specific conditions. These can either be a Keyboard press, a time or date, a day or month or a combination of a number of conditionals. How you ask? These effects are created by using what is called ' Conditional Elements'. What this means is, Storm allows you to create screen savers where the User can view additional and different effects when the user presses a key that you have chosen. Want more? You can also link directly to a Website using these Conditional Elements and also run Shell Links that can be used to 'run' applications to other programs within the screen saver. And remember, this is mostly accomplished by the ease of point and click.

For more advanced features, Storm also contains features for creating and distributing truly multi-media screen savers. Which include:

Interactive Screen Savers responding to user key presses
Link to and capture text and data from remote Websites
Design your own Movement profiles
Support for MPEG and MIDI files

In the Professional Edition you can create and distribute with additional features provided for the true Professional Designer:

Installation Language packs
Splash Screen Images
About Button messages and images
Install and Uninstall Desktop Icons
Windows System Icons
Create Evaluation Screen Savers
Master Password override for System Managers

Try this program and then buy it and you will see just how easy and professionally you will be creating screen savers in no time. The interface is easy to use, results are outstanding (limited only to your imagination), and the support (which most of you know is important), answers all the time.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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