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Type of Program: Recovery Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Version: 3.3
Company Name: Cimaware
Price: $99.00 (Standard) $169.00 (pro)
Installed Size: 2.4m


Have you ever had a time where you had spent countless hours working on an Excel spreadsheet, entering data over and over again only to have some kind of computer malfunction and find out later that the spreadsheet you worked so hard on is now "trash/corrupted." No matter what, or how your next Excel spreadsheet becomes "corrupted" you can now have a rescue tool nearby. Enter, ExcelFIX.

ExcelFIX will recover cell data from corrupted MS Excel files, including versions 95, 97 and 2000. What it will do is extract texts, numbers, formulas, and formats from the damaged file to recover and in some cases, restore all your hard work. ExcelFIX states that it is the only software in this category that recovers all types of formulas and sheet names. What it does is run as a Windows 95/98/NT application and recovers files with "lost string corruption".

The Demo restricts you to only a partial view of the recovered data and replaces the remainder of the recovered data with the word 'demo'. The Demo will only show you a maximum of 600 cells per file, or 150 cells per sheet. Also the Demo mode only allows you to view the recovered formats and does not allow you to save any data until it is registered.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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