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Type of Program: Screensaver Editor
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Version: 1.4
Company Name: SilkMoth PLC
Price: $49.00
Installed Size: 2.4m


WOW! You know me when I find a new program that really is easy to use, has a purpose, is low priced, and produces results. FlashWiz has all of the above. So what is it? In brief it is a screen saver creation toolkit that produces fast running screen savers from your Flash files. Here's what you do to use it: Build your ideas into a Flash file using any editor of your choice for creating those Flash files, run it through a few simple, easy steps in FlashWiz and presto! You now have a fast running, great looking screen saver!

Using FlashWiz and its easy interface is fun as well as easy. In a simple step by step process, here is what you will be doing to build that great screen saver in a "flash:"

a.. Step One: Choose the Flash file to Import, adjust if you want to use a background or not, make some simple sound changes, set the movie quality and then decide if you want to make your screen saver interactive or not. By making it interactive you give the users the ability to say, visit your Web site by pressing a key. Finally, decide if you want to include a "Contact" image or not. This will show users who, and where they can contact you within the screen saver.

a.. Step Two: This is even easier than Step One. Here you choose to import images for the "Preview" (you know, the Control Panel Preview screen). The Icon that your screen saver will represent, any meaningful text that you would like to include on the information page of your screen saver. In this step you also decide if there are any additional files that need to be included to run the screen saver. You also tell the screen saver what to do "after" it is installed (launch it, display a ReadMe file, go to the settings or simply do nothing).

a.. Step Three: This really gets easy here. Give your screen saver a name, the text for any interactive replies and you're ready to go. The program also has a Task Tray Launcher (which is actually an additional program that can start the screen saver), as well as give the user more options when the program is minimized onto the Task Tray. You can give it some email text, a link, as well as some ReadMe information. This final step also gives you the ability if you want to make an icon for the DeskTop and/or install the final saver into the Start Menu.

Sound almost too easy? Well it actually is. By far of all the authoring kits that I have seen and used for Flash file screen savers, FlashWiz "flashes past the rest!". It gives you the ability and ease to create professional screen savers along with professional looking setups using your own Flash files in just a few simple steps. The Registered Version is the one reviewed here so go ahead and take a good look at FlashWiz because the Freeware Version is fully functional with only a few minor limitations.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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