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Type of Program: Game Creation Software
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/2000
Company Name: Clickteam
Version: 1.06
Price: Dependent upon license ($29.00-$49.00)
Installed Size: About 30 MB


If you are looking to build your own 2D games then this is definitely the product for you. The software installs easily and can create some very high quality games if you've got the time to make the graphics. Includes a tutorial file which walks you through the creation of five sample games and really helps you get to understand what it is you are doing. It uses what is called an event editor. Through this you can easily set up what happens when another event happens. For example, if you wanted your spaceship to blow up when hit with a missile the software would ask you what you when you want the space ship to do something (in this case explode) we click on when hit by missile. It asks what you want it to do when hit by a missile, you click on explode and attach what ever sound you want. It really is that simple and it is possible to achieve some great results. You also have the ability to create side scrolling games, puzzles, or even multimedia presentations. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

This is a shareware program but the only restriction resides in the shareware license which prohibits you from distributing the games you create. A home license ($29.00) allows the distribution of non-commercial games (ie. you do not get paid for them) and a Pro license ($49.00) allows you to distribute and sell games under agreement of the runtime license. Also allows you to play specific tracks from a CD placed in your drive which is a big plus as well.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Justin Bozonier

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