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Webscripter 4

Type of Program: HTML/Java Script/CSS Editor
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT
Company/Authors Name: Albert Fowler/Code Generation
Version: 4
Price: $49.99
Installed Size: 10mb


When I first ventured into web design I started with Webscripter 3 and still use it. I knew very little but found that with a good bit of software and a bit of perseverance that I could produce professional quality sites. The software was the tutor mainly due to ease of use, it didn't matter that there were parts of it I didn't have a clue about, it was easy to produce quality work and the rest I would learn in time if I needed to. Visit to see my second ever web site constructed using Webscripter which proves my point.

The point I am making is that Webscripter is eminently suitable for both beginner and advanced users alike especially if you're far enough advanced to use Java Script or CSS. Webscripter 4 is the new and updated version and a delight to use. The user interface has been given a new look with some additions that are an absolute boon to a beginner. A new "Outlook" type toolbar, which gives you access to 11 HTML, 18 Style and 14 Java Script wizards, makes a designers' life easy. Along with the extremely useful "Attribute Assistant" which is a pop up accessible by right clicking on an HTML tag. From this you can set or change all the attributes for that particular tag such as colour, size, bgcolor, class, language etc.

This version has a much improved preview screen which can be set to any one of 4 resolutions, (640x480 800x600 etc.) instantly, so letting you try out your work at different resolutions. The wizards mentioned above make designing easy for the beginner with options to create hyperlinks, e-mail links, lists, tables, images, rollover menus, clocks, pop-up windows, banners etc. etc. I found from the beginning that using wizards such as these helped a great deal in understanding HTML code so improving your knowledge as time goes on. Webscripter also has it's own built in FTP program as well as an excellent project manager for keeping track of what's happening in the construction of those large sites.

There are many features in this program which would take up too much space to describe here, but you can download a trial version. Take my word for it, I have, as a reviewer, tried many programs of the same ilk but Webscripter is solid, it has a feel of reliability and quality a bit like a Mercedes car, not ostentatious but undeniably well constructed and certainly the tool for the job. Due for release on Monday 5th March you can download a trial version from after which you will want to buy it.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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