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3D Choreographer

Type of Program: Graphic Animation
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Version: 2.8
Company Name: Animated Communications
Price: $159.00 Standard Version / $310.00 Deluxe Version
Installed Size: 90m


Here's a program that takes a different approach to animation. 3D Choreographer doesn't take the standard approach (a frame-by-frame based animation); rather it allows you to think in terms of the movements itself. This type of method lets you concentrate more naturally on actual movements. With it's easy commands you should be producing animations for business, education or entertainment in no time at all.

At the heart of 3D Choreographer is the LCDA (Layered Command Driven Animation). Outlining your animation is as simple as casting "Actors," drawing "Paths," and issuing "Scripts." So, once you know what objects you will be placing in a scene, the rest is just directing their actions. This ability (using LCDA) allows you to create in the way you think. Users with little or no animation or artistic skills will be able to begin creating animations in as little as 15 minutes.

The animations in 3D Choreographer is always built around three components 1) Actors, 2) Paths and 3) Scripts. Actors are the objects that will be moving in the animation along the paths you create and the scripts will tell them what to do at any given point. Once you learn these three aspects you will be on your way to mastering 3D Choreographer.

3D Choreographer has a variety of pre-designed 3D actors from which you can chose from and each actor has a library of basic actions it can perform. Make then smile, run, walk, wave, fly around or create your own for use in later creations, the choice is yours. One very unique feature in 3D Choreographer is the ability for you to attach any type of bitmap head (a scanned picture for example) to a cartoon body and then be able to manipulate it as an Actor.

Here's a brief outline of how 3D Choreographer works: Cast the Actor. These can be 3D or 2D. All of 3D Choreographer's Actors are customizable so you can change the color of their hair, shirt, race, etc. Draw a Path for your Actor to follow. It is within this Path that gives powerful features to your animation. Each point along the path represents any given position of the Actor at any given time. Move the Actor, turn him from side-to-side, and rotate the head or arm. Move the Path (Point), and you automatically reposition the Actor. The next part is to create a Script. This Script will tell the Actor what he is to do along the Path. Since there is a library of Scripts included it's just a matter of selecting what you want your Actor to be doing. Within each Script you can also define "when the action should be performed," and "how many times the Actor should perform it." So you decide if and when your Actor should smile, laugh, wave, raise his arm, sit down, jump, or whatever. Pretty easy, right?

3D Choreographer has a host of other features and advanced operations you really need to checkout for yourself. It has an easy interface and layout; you can rehearse your animation before making any final adjustments. You can save your animation in either .AVI or .FLC formats which can then be incorporated within a Web page, PowerPoint, or use it as a stand-alone application.

With over 200 pages in its User's Guide (Deluxe Version), developing should be no problem for the beginner, or advanced user. Email support is always fast in responding (which is very important), so go ahead and click to 3D Choreographer's site and check it out today.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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