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PhotoVista Virtual Tour

Type of Program: 3D Panoramic/Virtual Tour Editor
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Version: 2.0
Company Name: MGI Software
Price: $249.00
Installed Size: 15m


When you need to create rich, dynamic content for the Web why not build something interesting that will keep customers coming back for more? With PhotoVista's Virtual Tour software suite you can harness the power to do just that, and more. In the suite you get three programs; 1) PhotoVista
-where you create spectacular 360 degree panoramic views, 2) PhotoVista 3D Objects - for creating one-of-a-kind 3D animated objects, and 3) The Virtual Tour - where you assemble the panoramas and 3D objects in order to build
a virtual tour to be placed on your Web site.

Here's how each of these work: PHOTOVISTA Snap as many pictures as you need to create the 360-degree panoramic view. Start this program, load all the images and the program will stitch them together in a seamless view. Imagine what you can do here with 360 views of real estate, product demos and so much more.

3D OBJECTS Here you can showcase individual objects as an animated 3D object where the user can examine it up close and personal, turn it around or zoom in and out on it. This part of the suite will assemble all your images of the object as if it was on a pedestal, slowing turning to all available views. The final result is a 3D animated object, ready to be used in the Virtual Tour.

VIRTUAL TOUR Here's where it all comes together. Once you have your panoramic images (stitched and ready to go), and any 3D objects ready (if you want them), this is where you put it together for the user to be able to walk virtually and navigate through your site. Setup hotspots to take the user further into the picture(s), feature that 3D object or highlight items of special interest. NOTE: For best results you may also need the MGI Virtual Zoom Server (see their site for more information).

Other great features of this program are the many different cameras you can use in the panoramic views. If you use any of the many cameras already available, chances are good that PhotoVista's Virtual Tour has them included, ready to stitch with. If not you can create your own custom lens mode. Of course you can make any number of changes on any part of the images, save them in virtual world formats and PhotoVista's Virtual Tour will make the corresponding other files needed to complete your site. So, you can build your tour as a Java element, an Active Control, or others, ready for the user to walk through.

PhotoVista's Virtual Tour is a 'virtual reality' made virtually easy. There are so many uses for it to be used and incorporated the money you spend on it will be well worth it. While you are visiting their site be sure to check out the gallery of sites already using this program and you will see the many possibilities.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting the Web site

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