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Plant Studio

Type of Program: Graphic Illustration Software
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: Kurtz-Fernhout Software
Version: 2.0
Price: $19.95 (Version 2.0)
Installed Size: 17m


Plant Studio is a program where you can draw and create all types of plants and botanical illustrations. Sound too simple? Are you saying; "I don't need simple, I need power!" Good, then read on. With Plant Studio the possibilities seem almost endless in what you can create in such a little amount of time. You don't have to stop at plants either. You can create of course flowers, plants, and all types of shrubs, bushes, landscapes and more!

Plant Studio works with the graphic tools you already have and know how to use so you can copy any of the plant pictures to the clipboard and paste them right into other programs. With this latest release brings about some exciting features such as being able to save your plants in many formats such as 3DS, DFX, WRL OBJ, POV, LWO as well as animated images. So, once you 've created that perfect plant in Plant Studio as your starting point, export it into any one of these formats and open it in your other 3D program to give it even more creativity. Add layers, strokes and so much more to bring your plants to life.

The authors of Plant Studio really know their foliage. They know what it takes to create plants and how to make them realistic, which makes this program even more enjoyable. All your plants will be created from choosing from over 200 parameters that you can use! Begin from one of the many plants already found in the library (plus you can make your own libraries), breed your own, create special bouquets or outdoor scenes and you will soon see the limitless potential here. But hey, don't stop there! You can even learn something in this program if you don't watch out. Like watching a plant grow through its life cycle, breeding new varieties, learning botanical terms and modeling methods as well as learning just how plants grow.

So, what will you use your Plant Studio for? Learning? Teaching? What about on greeting cards, posters, flyers, newsletters, brochures, Web pages, overlay your plants on other photos, background textures, wallpaper, creating nozzles, and whatever and wherever you can find a use. The next release should be coming out soon (as of this writing), so be sure you stop by their Web site and get your plants growing with Plant Studio! For the price, end results, ease of use and great support, I give Plant Studio five "green thumbs" up!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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