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Type of Program: 3D Panoramic Editor
Version: 1.10
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: SkyPaint
Price: $85.00
Installed Size: 1.5m


Here's a really great program for any of you that desire to create 360-degree panoramic views for use in your 3D game development. SkyPaint is so easy to use and one that will compliment your skills as an accomplished game developer you'll wonder how you got along without it. Although SkyPaint is great for the game developer, it of course is also very useful to those that create VRML Worlds.

Right off the bat you will begin enjoying this program with its ease of use and compatibility with programs you may be using at the present. It is compatible with PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, 3D Studio Max, Painter 5, as well as a few others. So creating that perfect 3D, 360 degree world using your current skills, your current imaging program along with SkyPaint is as easy as painting itself since you will be using all the features of any one of the compatible programs you already know. SkyPaint lets you interactively choose any view and transfer it to your favorite paint program, which gives you the ability to paint any view exactly as you expect it to look when viewed in a VRML World or game.

To show you just how easy it is to use, here's how it works once you have it setup to use your favorite image editor: Start SkyPaint and load an image. SkyPaint has several quick-click arrows you can click to get the different perspectives of the image (where you may be standing in the panoramic view). Once you've chosen the view you want, press the Enter key and it will launch your image editor. From there you paint the view exactly how you want it to look, quit the image editor (save the work as you exit), and your image will appear in SkyPaint, freshly painted to your perspectives. Continue changing each view while launching the image editor, and viola, you have that 360-degree panoramic view just the way 'you' want it, ready to incorporate into your VRML World or game.

Of course when you save your finished work, SkyPaint includes all the necessary files and names them accordingly in the format that you save them in. i.e.; VRML Worlds have the naming convention of 'filename_FR.jpg' filename_BK.jpg' 'filename_RT.jpg' etc., along with the .WRL file.

This is one program that does one thing very well. I would encourage any multimedia developer to try this one out ASAP and quit spending wasteful time creating 360-degree panoramic views any other way. SkyPaint is a "no brainer" to use, cost effective, and support is great!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made through the software itself along by visiting the Web site.

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