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Type of Program: Registry Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/2000
Company Name: SuperWin Software
Version: 1.01
Price: $29.95
Installed Size: 2m


What's worse than a slow loading computer? How about a slow loading computer that loads up tons of unneeded information through the Registry that you no longer need, or use! Let me tell you about a program that will allow you to quit spending time downloading and gathering software of the same kind. This program is called RegVac and replaces all (and I do mean all), of those "other" applications that claim to keep your Registry all nice and tidy-clean.

Most of us know that when you first start your computer that it goes through a series of processes, one of which it has to go through the Registry (which is really a database), of all the programs, file lists, history lists, etc. of your computer. The more programs you use, install, or uninstall, the larger this database begins to grow and the longer it may be required for your computer to initially launch.

RegVac has some tools that you won't find in many of these other so-called registry cleaners and does a job so thoroughly you may wonder how you got along without it. Some of the tools include:

a.. Classes Vac: Similar to RegClean, but cleans it more thoroughly. This one cleans each of the Classes section of the registry. Run this through once and see how many it finds.
a.. Stash Vac: Yes, even the best of us clutter, and even your Registry is probably more littered than you think (History Lists, Recent File List, etc). This is a great tool that removes over 20 of the most common stashes. It also allows you to add the location of more stashes.
a.. Software Vac: Ok, how many of you have loaded and unloaded programs? Perhaps the largest part of the registry is the Software section. By using this tool it will search through the Software section and find keys that are left over from deleted files.
a.. File Lists Vac: Another littered area of the Registry can be found here. All through your registry are references to files that no longer exist. Let this tool find them, and get rid of them.

Other tools include:

a.. Add/Remove Editor
b.. System Configuration Utility
c.. OpenWith Editor
d.. Bad FileName Finder
A "Bonus Tool." is called the RoboVac. One click here cleans up to four sections at once: Classes, Software, Stash, and File Lists. Of course all final actions can be user defined so go ahead and try it out. Try this program and see for yourself but don't be surprised if you find out no matter how well you think your Registry is clean of debris it really isn't. Run RegVac and rid your computer of long, slow, start-ups so it can ultimately run more efficiently.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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