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Type of Program: WYSYWYG Website Creator
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0
Company Name: Via-Net
Version: 1.00
Price: $44.00
Installed Size: 8556944


I design web sites for a living and one of the comments I often get is "I could never learn how to do that". Admittedly it is a bind at first learning all that HTML code what with Tabels, Colspan, Rowspan, div align=, valign, br, strong etc. On the other hand you could just use NetUp and not have to worry about a single piece of code.

This program is simplicity itself. Remarkably easy to use and has an excellent help file and step by step guide to building your first page. It is a true WYSYWYG web page editor. You can very simply place text, graphics (animated or static) and objects on your page and then resize, rotate, drag around and layer if you want to. Add to this features like shadow, bevel, mouseover, fill, fill textures as well as colour, premade templates and a colour dropper and you have a pretty dazzling piece of software. I particularly liked the Add page feature which adds new pages as you want them but with the same attributes as the home page (size, background colour and link colour).

Text and objects can have the effects such as shadow, bevel and glow added to them and there are two switchable guide lines to enable you to line up exactly your text, objects etc. Once you have built and saved your pages you simply use built in FTP program to upload your pages, again very easy to use

The finished results look very professional and excellent basic web pages can be constructed. Well worth a look and you can take a tour of the program at

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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