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Easy 3D Creator

Type of Program: 3D Screensaver compiler
Supported Platforms: Win98/ME/2000/NT
Company: Dzsoft Ltd
Version: 2
Price: $39 (Personal) $59 (Professional)
Installed Size: 4623079


This program is fun and could be profitable too. Easy 3D Creator does what it says, lets you create 3D Screensavers easily.

The easiest option is to use the wizard which will literally let you create a professional looking screensaver in minutes and with a choice of 18 sample screensavers, 54 objects, 45 textures and 6 texture wrap types already installed you can't fail (This included the free library download from DZsoft). 

You can of course import your own objects and textures. Alternatively you can adjust each stage of the building process to create your own style of screensaver, it really is remarkably easy. Objects can be made to rotate and be positioned in different ways just by using onscreen sliders with real time reaction. There is also a facility to alter the camera angle by the same method and sound can also be added. 

Finally you can add details such as your URL and e-mail address. You can save your masterpiece as a .scr file or a self installing .exe Now for the profitable bit. You have the option to build the finished screensaver as time-limited shareware(Professional License version) complete with registration keys so allowing you to distribute your work with the security of knowing the average user will have to pay or uninstall in the end.

A very good and reasonably priced bit of software.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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