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Music MasterWorks

Type of Program: Music Editor Notation
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: Aspire Software
Version: 3.0
Price: $25.00
Installed Size: 4m


Ok. All you aspiring musicians or accomplished ones, here you go. Here is a music composition program that allows your inspirations to come to reality. Music Masterworks is easy to use so that you can concentrate on more on what you want to do.create and compose music. For anyone familiar with using a word processor, Music MasterWorks will allow you to create your music perhaps just as easy. Have more than one song whirling away inside your head? Ok, open several windows at a time and start composing. Hook up your MIDI keyboard or instrument and create away! You can compare your recording to another song by either opening two windows or you can create a new Track in the original song window and record into it.

Although Music MasterWorks has many features, it does have a couple I would like to bring out here that until now was only found in much more expensive programs.

a.. PRINTING: You can print sheet music (or a piano roll when using the piano roll style view). Print complete compositions including lyrics! Printing will use only the currently selected track as a basis for what it displays. For songs with multiple tracks you need to print each track individually or change the view filter of the currently selected view to include all tracks.

b.. RECORD WAVE AUDIO: This will record your voice from a microphone. By default Music MasterWorks will play the music already in the song while you are recording. NOTE: Audio recording such as this requires Microsoft DirectX version 8.

c.. VOICE TO MIDI NOTES: Ever see or wonder what your actual voice looks like in a series of musical notes? Use this feature and you will! NOTE: Audio recording such as this requires Microsoft DirectX version 8. This feature processes your voice (as a wave) recording and changes it into frequencies, and then changes it to notes. This is great when you want to sing a melody or a tune bouncing around inside your head and have it changed into notes and recorded for later use. Music MasterWorks is one great program that has features found only in much more expensive applications. Try this one out before you go spending your hard-earned cash. For the price (and exceptional support) you'll be making music "all the way to the bank!"

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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